Bed Intruder Edit

Bed Intruder(Also called Beb Inturder)is one of Munzch's Grand Disciples, and is probably the coolest one. He is totally the coolest because he gets all the bitches and is almost as popular as Munzch himself.

More About Bed Edit

Anyway, Bed Intruder is a very mysterious fellow. He hides in the shadows and sometimes will sneak around and try to slit people's necks. He does this because Munzch is a Satanist, and asks Bed to do it so Satan can have more souls. Bed also is a squeaker, he is 13, and he may have wrote this article because he got bored one time. Bed isn't afraid to tell his first name, state, or age, but anything beyond that is too far. He doesn't like to go total anonymouse like Munzch. "Anonymouse is for PUSSIES!" he says.

Bed Intruder in TF2 Edit

Bed Intruder's name in Team Fortress 2 is the same as here, Bed Intruder. He is very good at the game and will "rek ur shit m8."

He is also known for watching midget porn.

Getting to Know Him Edit

Bed's hobbies include: playing vidya gayms, track & field(yes he plays sports, believe it or not)and watching shows such as "Arrested Development" on Netflix. Bed is pretty good at video games(as mentioned above) and also pretty fast. However, there's nothing munzch to really say about that last hobby.(just made a Munzch pun!) Besides the ones just listed, Bed Intruder also has some minor hobbies that  he doesn't do as much. These hobbies include sewing, painting, flower arranging, and fucking your bitch.


Here, you can fuck yourself using this.

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In Conclusion Edit

Bed Intruder is a pretty cool guy, and if you hate on him, then you can just go press your fingers up your asscrack repeatedly. Simply said, go fuck yourself.