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Welcome to the Munzch Wiki

Munzch is a Godly entity on the free-to-play multiplayer game Team Fortress 2 by Valve. He is a beautiful, loving God who embraces life and all the creatures he encounters. He is best known for his sexy jaw-line and masculine physique. He is a known member of the white supremacist organization where he serves on the board. He regularly lynches colored people and makes fun of them.

Who is Munzch?

Perhaps the better question to ask is: "What is Munzch?" Munzch has been described in many different terms but both historians and optometrists have agreed on this basic definition: "Munzch is a fragment of our imagination. He, or It rather, simply doesn't exist outside of the Internet." ( Munzch is such an amazing creature that He has created His own personality. Even though He doesn't really exist, He has constantly been creating His own story and traits. There is only one known picture of Munzch but we cannot assess the validity of it since it was drawn by Munzch Himself.

How does one find the Almighty Munzch?

Search for Him on Steam, you big smelly willy. Or you could call out "Taco Bell Milkshake" three times. That works too.

Munzch's Grand Disciples: Funkster, Jesus, 2 Chainz.

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A portrait of Munzch in his natural habitat.