About Munzch WikiEdit

   Munzch Wiki was created by Lord Funkster and is dedicated to spreading the word about Munzch. Many people already know about Munzch, but many people is not enough people, so we need this wiki to spread the word even more. 

Why We Love MunzchEdit


See, everyone adores Munzch.

   Everyone loves Munzch because of his breathtaking voice, and that's all. He is nothing more than that, a good sounding voice. Everything else about him is just terrible. Like how he's into R&R and is a nasty ginger kid. Did you know that Munzch is also a Satanist? I bet you didn't. But we still love him through all of that just because of his amazing voice. He is also very good at impressions of Toad, from Super Mario Brothers. His favorite game also happens to be Toad related, it is Super Toad 67.

Munzch on Bobby Hill's Fun Community ServerEdit

   Munzch (aside from having an outstanding voice) has one more good quality. He is a V.I.P. on Bobby Hill's Fun Community Server.(#Munzch4Mod) He is the greatest V.I.P. on the server, even above that one guy who changes his name all of the time. Munzch has been V.I.P. for quite a while now, and during that time, he's done some crazy shit. Like that one time when he got unlimited Force-A-Natrure rounds and kept killing the person he was dueling. That was pretty funny, cheers to Munzch.